Welcome to "Seabay" the 2nd HMS Manchester Associations very own emporium!!  In this section of the website you will find details of all discounts and special offers that are available to our members via the Defence Discount Directory (yes, some far sighted business folk actually extend their forces discounts to the "Veteran" community, although sadly not the Rail industry), as well as items for sale from our own "slop room".  We have also included a section where our shipmates can advertise their own business activities, and also a section with general "For Sale" items.  It costs nothing to advertise, and everything here is displayed in absolute good faith.

Obviously The 2nd HMS Manchester Association cannot accept any responsibility for the goods and services displayed here - standfast the Slop Room.

The Defence Discount Directory 2007

To list all the discounts and special offers available to our members would keep us going until the next edition comes out in 2008!  Suffice to say from Theme Park Attractions, Computers and Phones, Big Eats, Finance - or what to do with your dosh after the tax man has robbed you blind - Insurance, Legal Services, Motoring...including Motor Bikes, sport and leisure as well as Travel (including airport parking) it's all here!

All you need to do is log on to:-  www.forcesdiscounts-mod.co.uk and it is simple as that!!

Any snags?  Please give Peter Raith a call on 01604 495495 and we are sure he would be happy to help.
Veterans - Prove your eligibility!

For all of those Veterans amongst you, there is now a new way that you can prove your eligibility for discounts.

The vast majority of the 521 companies advertising on www.forcesdiscounts-mod.co.uk extend their offers to Veterans.  A Veteran can prove their eligibility by downloading a certificate of eligibility from any of the sections within www.forcesdiscounts-mod.co.uk or by using their veterans badge*

* men and women who served in HM Armed Forces before and/or during World War II are entitled to a Veterans Badge.  To find out more please visit www.veterans-uk.info/vets_badge/vets_badge.htm
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The Slop Room

We have the following exclusive high quality items for Sale.

HMS Manchester Ties                 10.00
HMS Manchester Pin Badges        2.50

(12.50 the pair, postage and packing free)

We also have a selection of crested sweatshirts and polo shirts - E-mail Ian for a list of current stock items and prices.

New style crested Polo Shirts

Available in Maroon or Dark Blue

in sizes
Large (L)
Extra Large (XL)
Extra Extra Large (2XL)

Cost - 15.00
P&P 2.00


Crested Baseball Caps
Cost - 9.00

If you are interested, please send Ian an email with size and colour.

The Second
HMS Manchester Association