The Second
HMS Manchester Association
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The Buzz - (Part 2) continued....
Kev Shepherd was at the Isle of Wight festival.

Bob White was at his daughter's wedding (Expensive Day out then!).

Garry Lucas was enjoying life in Oztralia!

…..and sadly, breaking his outstanding achievement of having attended all previous 15 Re unions was Superwoo Ian Poulter.  He allowed wifey to book the hols without checking the dates!....and she didn't choose Southsea!

Two of our number had recently been made redundant - with all the upheaval that involves - we wish you well in your employment search.

At the last minute Terry Beddoes shot through on account he was too knackered having attended a Royal Garden Party!  (obviously a lightweight - E.R. of London)

Sadly, long standing serious ill health robbed us of a number of potential attendees, and to all our members and their nearest and dearest who are so affected, our thoughts and good wishes are with you.

As for the Re-union itself, we were pleased to welcome new joiners Jack Dawes and Spider Webb, we will know if they had a good time if they come back next year!

Among the other notable former members of D95's Ship's company were "Angry" Anderson, George Annable, Dave Arthur, Dave Atkinson, Boff Bancroft, Buzz Bee, Ken Benson, Pete Berrow, Pete Burnett, Cal Calton, Bobby Charlton, Nobby Clark, Taff Coombs, Mervyn Cowdrey, Ginge Crook, The Curtis Twins - Pete and Alan - Michael D'Arcy, Kim Darker, Crash Evans, Foggy Fairweather, Steve Fletcher, Barny Foster, Connie Francis, Lenny Goodwin, Whisky Haigh, Don Hazeldon, Steve Henshaw, Don Hiller, the mischievous Ken Hinchliffe, Mark Iles, and Alan Ivison.

Surprisingly enough, most were loitering in the Mess foyer on account that is where the two free barrels of Type 42 and Frigate bitters were located!

Also joining such distinguished company were "Keys" Keyworth, Jan Leeming, Jiff Lemmon, Doss Living, Andy McMain, Dave Merrick, Steve Moffatt, Rattler Morgan, Bob Mullen, Ned Naylor, Fez Parker, Percy Purcell, Rafferty's x 2 (Andy and Mark), Dave Redden, Ronnie Ronson, Tanky Shingler, Red Snape, Phil Southcott, Brett Thompson, John Tucker, Whisky Walker, Ted Weager, Sam Wellens, Knocker with the big Phalanx, Bungy Mark Williams, Mark Winch, Slinger Woods, Keith Woolven, and as all these fine fellows are listed in alphabetical order, you could reasonably expect the last named to be Sting Wray, but on this occasion you would be wrong!

Guess who should arrive unannounced and with no prior notification?  Shady Lane!  His excuse, from his own lips was "Sorry boys, I have only just flown in from Bermuda today!" - Well you wouldn't expect Shady to go on holiday in Blackpool, would you?!

Also in attendance was a fine array of wives, girlfriends, family members and friends too numerous to mention.  Obviously, many will have fond memories of waiting on a windswept jetty, listening to the Royal Marine Band, it's hissing down, chilly, and all of a sudden a rust streaked D95 hoves into view.  She's back from another deployment!  Great Days!  We thank you all for your support, then and now!

Ooops!  A misty tear drop nearly appeared!

…and so on to one of our successes at Re-union 16.  We combined the Grand Raffle and Charity Auction together on completion of scran.  In the past we have done the Charity Auction later in the evening.  Combining it with the raffle worked well, and the auction raised nearly twice as much as last year.  Among the raffle prize winners were -
          Foggy Fairweather     
          Fez Parker                
          Alison Snape (twice!) 
          Cal Calton   
          Phil Southcott   
          Andy Rafferty   
          Ross Roberts - Doss Living's guest
          Annette Sindall - Mark Iles guest
and    George Annabel - and what a surprise that was!

Sue Francis
Steve Moffatt
Dave Arthur
Pete Burnett
Louise Crook
Interspersed with the raffle, the winning bidders for a fine ensemble of framed ships and nautical prints, some Leicester City memorabilia (They are still going on about winning the Premier League!) an Uckers Board and a signed Pompey shirt were:-
             Ginge Crook
             Lenny Goodwin
             Buzz Bee
             Mervyn Cowdrey
      and  Paul 'Nobby' Clark   

Gerry Rafferty
Kim Darker
Sting Wray
Ian Tidbury
Many, many thanks are due to Pricky Price, Tony Shingler, Steve Moffatt and Louise Purcell among others for donating the actual auction items.

After which the group appeared and the dit spinning and ale-shifting continued until we don't quite know when!.....


To do what we do, we couldn't get by without "outside" help, and once again this year we are indebted to folk in HMS Nelson who cheerfully and willingly contributed towards Re union 16, and they include:-  Sara Williams (i/c Single Accom facilities), Jenny Smith, The Mess Manager (Family Rooms, Gate Lists), Lorraine Warne (Bar Manager) for providing bar staff and the free beer concession, Noddy Holder (for providing everything we needed and forgot to order - a real Mr Fixit!), The OOW and Royal Navy gate staff, for additional escorts to and from the Mess when we had no one immediately available, and the Hall Porters for their guidance and advice.  Thank You!  We greatly appreciate your efforts.


Did you hear the story of a 2MAmember who parked his car in HMS Nelson and got a parking ticket!  There were no yellow lines or any "No Parking" signs in the vicinity and his vehicle was not in a position that could cause an obstruction.  He protested his innocence and provided photographs to support his case.  His parking ticket was cancelled…and replaced with a reprimand for unauthorised use of a camera!


On the 20th July 2017, The Secretary of State for Defence, Sir Michael Fallon began the steel cutting for the first of eight City Class Frigates, with the name chosen for the first of class being HMS Glasgow.  A second naming was announced in late September, that of HMS Belfast.

Now then, I know that I am not alone in wanting one of the remaining ships to be called Manchester - I have a number of reasons for wanting this to happen as I shall explain later.  Not wanting to be the prophet of doom, I do not think the actual chances of this happening to be very encouraging, as politics will and already has played a very significant part on who the lucky cities are.  As we all know, the Conservatives did not gain an overall majority at the last General Election and consequently are clinging to power with the support of the Democratic Unionist party of Northern Ireland.  As well as getting a whole host of concessions in return, it was no surprise that a new HMS Belfast was added to the list, despite the fact there is already an HMS Belfast floating happily on the Thames!