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The Buzz - (Part 2) continued....

By our Glassware Correspondent

As those of you who attended the Re-union will be aware, one of the mementoes we gave away on the night were Manchester crested glasses - Pint ones for the boys, and smaller Aurelia ones for the girls.  After much research and trawling the internet, our chosen supplier was Quickfire Tableware from Sheffield.  Business moved at a brisk rate, and this was in no small part down to their most helpful employee, a young lady called Emily.  When we contacted Quickfire Tableware to finalise numbers, payment and delivery, Emily let us into a little secret, she was the daughter of a matelot who had served on the Mighty Manch!  How spooky is that?!  Of all the various companies we could have chosen, we choose the one where the daughter of a former Manchester matelot worked!  Furthermore, it was revealed that Dad is also a member of 2MA!  Emily's surname is Wallace and Dad is John 'Wally' Wallace from Chesterfield.  Wally couldn't make the Re-union this year - evidently he was too knackered running his daughter backwards and forwards to work!  Thanks for all your help, Emily, it was much appreciated!  Why not come to Re-union 16? And bring your Dad along too!


By our Asia Correspondent

Informed sources tell us of the interesting experience of popular 2MA member, George Annable, whilst on a recent run ashore in Thailand.

Stopping by in a small bar for a swifty on the island of Koh Samui, whilst on passage to the Eden Club, in Bangkok, where he is a very popular member (allegedly!), our hero struck up a conversation with a European couple, who he soon discovered actually came from his own native North East of England (what a coincidence!)

Furthermore, it soon transpired that George's new found friend was in fact an ex-matelot with extensive Type 42 experience (what another coincidence!).  Indeed, he was in fact a former member of the Fleet's Elite, i.e. Jack Dusties R Us!

When George mentioned 2MA, unsurprisingly a few names got banded around, including that of your correspondent,  who, due to the wonders of modern technology had a photty of the meeting quicker than George could get the wets in!  (not that quick, then!).

Thanks to George, two old shipmates are back in contact again, and already many a dit has been spun!  It really is a small world!

(The remainder of George's Thailand experiences cannot be revealed for legal reasons!)

Type 42 men - George Annable, Lou Armstrong, and Lou's wife Chris

(Any story that I was Lou Armstrong's sea dad is pure fiction!  I'm not that old!)